Friday, February 11, 2011

Cupids Dash

So I managed to get suckered into running a 4 mile race on Sunday morning (thanks Andrew)...It's the inagural Cupids Dash and I'm pretty sure it's actually going to be pretty awesome...They encourage costumes, have candy pit stops, and a Lovers Lane picture stop so you can take a pic with your running partner love (which I was supposed to have..but due to someone I know being a bum, I will be taking the picture by myself..).  My mother has made me a cute red tutu and dammit, I'm gonna have a good time!

I've learned that I could focus on the fact that it's probably going to be cold, I'm running alone, and I haven't run more than 2.5 miles in months....OR I could focus on the fact that I'll be really proud of myself when I'm done, I can start my day with some great tunes, candy is a good distraction, and if I run the whole 4 miles I'm probably going to treat myself to a nice mani/pedi..and maybe a bloody mary...I'm also focusing on the words of my trusty personal trainer/man-guru, Steve Jones, "You don't have to run fast, you just have to run"

This one's for you, Steven Jones!
Steven Jones

p.s. Dear Steve, I miss your silly self. Let's get a drink soon. Love, Madeline p.s. I heard the Buccs might actually learn how to play football next year...cross your fingers  ;)

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