Thursday, March 31, 2011


Pretty positive I wouldn't give much thought to using a car parts company that features a car missing a hubcap and the gas tank door....advertising fail

Sorry the pic is sideways...not sure what the deal is with that..but you get the idea

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Will I Have Follow Thru??

I damn well better...

After my numerous posts about (and yes, there will always be more posts about them..they are awesome), I've finally gotten myself a YHL worth project!  Andy and I have been entering the antique mall world lately in search of awesome and CHEAP finds.  We started this on our way home from Steamboat and managed to find just a couple funky horse hooks (I'll post pics of those soon).  I did fall in love with a "gossip chair" at an antique mall in Nebraska but due to some serious luggage, we couldn't fit it in.  Fast forward a couple weeks and we've hit up a couple more stops closer to home.  We found a handful of things in Gurnee including a copper lidded box, a bronze Irish Setter doorstop, and a couple smaller items.  The Irish Setter doorstop has found a resting place on my bookshelf for the moment but I have visions of painting it a glossy navy blue in the future...we'll see. 

This past weekend we drove up to Kenosha and found a really great place that had a TON of stuff for SUPER cheap.  We drove home with a cool retro cocktail glass/tray set, a holy water thingy (sorry for my lack of correct terms), and A GOSSIP CHAIR!!!  Yup, that's right folks, I found myself a gossip chair in need of a little YHL love!

Unique Retro Gossip Chair.  27 x 19 x 31.  $95

This isn't the actual chair but it's pretty much exactly the same.  Mine is the same design with just slightly darker wood and a pretty ugly floral fabric on the seat.  From just first glance, I think the original seat is underneath and I'm pretty sure it's a vinyl similar to the one seen here.  The one pictured was listed online for $95.  The one I got was a pretty $48!!  I've started the search for some fabric to cover the seat and I've decided I'm leaning toward something along these lines:

Waverly Chippendale Fretwork Decorative Designer Print Fabric by the Yard for Upholstery, Curtains54'' Wide Swavelle/Mill Creek Indoor/Outdoor Faylinn Mandarin Fabric By The Yard 54'' Wide Waverly Buzzing About Silver Lining Fabric By The Yard

I'm most interested in the green but I'm not 100% sold.  I'm also planning on re-staining the chair to a nice dark brown which will match the rest of the furniture. 

I promise I'll post pictures of the before and after (and the rest of my booty) as soon as I can!!  Try not to get too excited!

Friday, March 25, 2011

WTF Friday??

So I've started my day on a bit of a flipped out note.  I got to work this morning and as usual, had my trusty container of Chobani with me.  A nice little breakfast of 0% fat strawberry Chobani.  I get my coffee and a spoon and proceed to open said Chobani.  I do a little bit of stirring to mix up the strawberry and feel a hard lump.  I think to myself "that's a little odd" but then think "eh, things freeze in my fridge all the's probably just a chunk of ice or something".  So I spoon a nice bit of yogurt in my mouth and find this:

Not quite sure what that is????  Let me give you a better look....

Yup,  a bolt.  I found a GIANT BOLT in my yogurt!  I not only found a giant bolt in my yogurt, I had said bolt IN MY MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Seriously..WTF?!?!?!  Don't worry, I'll be calling them as soon as I can...and if they offer me a free yogurt, I'm gonna tell them to shove it!

I'm not easily flipped out, but this is making me a little bit crazy...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Awesome" Blog

No, really.  This guy blogs only awesome stuff.  At least things that are awesome according to him.  I read his entry on how it's awesome to just say "yes" and I think the dude has a point!  I mean, I've had a lot more fun saying "yes" to things than saying "no"!!  Go ahead, say it! I dare you!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Must Reads?


Afternoon Delight

I'll admit it, I don't really have a plan for this blog post.  I saw these cute pink drinks and just felt the overwhelming urge to sit outside in the sun.  I'm so sick of cold and yuck that I don't know what to do with myself.  It's been thunderstorming here in Chicago the past couple of days and I kinda like it.  It's come with some ice showers and hail but I'm also taking it as the sign that spring is almost here! Andy and I spent Sunday running silly errands which included looking at a bike for me (mine is half bike- half rust ball from sitting in my old condo storage area for 5 years) and going to Costco.  While at Costco, we wandered across a clear tabletop beverage dispenser.  It holds 3 gallons of beverages and has a built in container to hold ice (not to add to your drink but to keep the drinks cold).  We both immediately pictured sitting outside on a nice sunny day and filling that baby to the top with some sort of afternoon concoction! Since then, I've managed to add playing games, music, appetizers, a suntan, and these adorable butterfly glasses into my personal version of this daydream.  In fact, now that I'm thinking about it, this also takes place starting at about 11 a.m. on a sunny Saturday afternoon after taking my pretty new bike on a ride...ahhhhh...that's the ticket...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Better Than Green Beer

In honor of St. Patricks Day, try a new Guinness concoction!

Fat Molly-- Guinnes and Fat Tire
Chicago Irish-- Guinees and 312
Black Arrogance-- Guinness and Arrogant Bastard
Dirty Hoe-- Guinness and Hoegaarden
Black Magic-- Guinness and #9
Black and Sam-- Guinness and Sam Adams Lager
Black and Tan-- Guinness and Smithwick's
Midnight-- Guinness and a dash of port
Half and Half-- Guinness and Harp
Snakebike-- Guinness and Cider

And my 3 personal favorites:
Black and Blue-- Guinness and Blue Moon
Black and Bubbly-- Guinness and Champagne (shockingly good!)
Black and Moo-- Guinness and Spotted Cow

Good Morning, Thursday

Was talking about Taylor Swift this morning and thought about how funny it would be to slip an Ani DiFranco cd into Taylor's cd case...which made me then decide to listen to Ani for a little bit...which in turn made me remember how much I really like her...So, that being said, enjoy a little bit of Ani today! oh, and btw, I think Cee Lo may have stolen Ani's thunder!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inappropriate Laughing

So I feel as though I've had a problem with inappropriate laughing lately...not the sort where you laugh instead of cry or when something horrible happens to someone else..the sort where you are in a quiet environment and you have to seriously work to not laugh SUPER loud at something.  This tends to be more of an issue for me as I WORK IN A LIBRARY!

Anyway, yesterday this happened because I decided that I should try listening to a friend's podcast (Good Guys To Know) while on the elliptical at the gym.  First of all, can I say, it was a great way to pass the elliptical workout time!  These podcasts are hilarious and strangely informative...But! The first one I listened to included the 4 guys who make up this podcast explaining how they challenged each other to memorize as many digits of Pi as possible. No, I didn't plan this to celebrate "pi day".  Being the math hater that I am, I didn't expect this to be funny. ridiculously funny..I laughed out loud so many times and so loud while working out that I'm positive people thought I was a total freak.

Today, I decided to check in with Jen Lancaster's blog "Jennsylvania" and had another one of those try-not-to-shriek-laugh-while-at-work moments.  Her blog post today is in response to yesterday's request for people to give her a brief blurb that details something that other people don't know.  Today, Jen highlighted a couple of her favorites which were all pretty funny.  However, this one in particular was what made me almost die laughing:

Elaine N. wrote:  I have slight nerve damage in my ears that caused me to walk like a tiger for my neurologist. He ask me to "Walk like a ti(insert mumble here)." He repeated himself for me, including the mumble. I heard "Walk like a tiger." Despite the fact that I thought it was odd, I put my hands up like paws and prowled across the office. He looked at me like I was frickin nuts and said, "No, one foot in front of the other" and walked like he was taking a sobriety test. I did the walk while thinking, "Tigers don't walk like this..." Only after I got home did I realize that he said "Walk like a TIGHTROPE". Needless to say, I didn't go back. The only way it could have been worse would be if I growled while tiger walking!

If that didn't make you laugh, I don't know what fact, I can't even look straight at the words right now because I'll laugh again.  The 3rd time I read it, it made me cry laughing. 

p.s. Jen also totally freaked me out by mentioning OB tampons being discontinued.  THEY ARE NOT.  There is just a weird OB shortage evidently.  Just fyi.

Books to Movies!

Things I Like Today

Stunning Stampede Light SetShort Story Society Message Doll in Clarice
Nocturn-owl Lifestyle LampAnything But Basic CardiganWant Your Extra Time Necklace(called the Want Your Extra Time necklace..anyone other than me catch the reference????)

Everything from

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jewish Puppy 101

So I'm not only the proud owner of a Jewish puppy (see previous post), I'm also the proud owner of a puppy who happens to be on a grain free diet...Or what we like to refer to as Midge Kosher.  That being said, I think I may have just found my new hare-brained scheme...

Use these:
3-Piece Hanukkah Cookie Cutter Set

To make grain free doggie treats!!!

I'm pretty postive that not only will Midge love them, they are going to be a SERIOUS North Shore hit...

Now I just have to find a recipe for grain free doggie treats...

This is going to be AMAZING!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Guilty As Charged

I'll admit it.  I'm totally looking forward to this show.  Personally, I'm kinda blah on Khloe but I heart me some Lamar.  He's just so cute and sweet!  And I'm sorry but I am a sucker for the fall in love and get married within 30 days thing.  Just another show to add to the Tivo list....
First promo image for Khloe Kardashian's and Lamar Odom's reality show Khloe and Lamar

Just Cause...

Weight Watching...

The watched pot never boils = the watched weight never disappears? I'm back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon..and while I feel like I've restricted the sorts of food that I've put in my body over the last week (HELLO?!?! I didn't eat the 5 bagels that I wanted to eat!), I didn't lose a pound this week.  It could have been that even though I ate fairly well, I made some mistakes like turns out, 4 shots of tequila is like 20 points.  Two potato skins are 20 points.  Double UUUUGGGGHHHHH...

Anyway, I've decided that while "becoming skinny" is a great overall goal, I really need something tangible to work towards...a reward, if you will...My mother and I are WW buddies so we decided to do the rewards together.  Here's what we came up with so far:

5 lbs:
When one of us hits the 5lb mark, the other one will send a treat in the mail with a worth of about $5.
I'm probably going to find something super cute and clever to send.  I'd start coming up with ideas now but we don't want to ruin the surprise!

This is where the rewards get more interesting.  I keep seeing these women at the gym wearing really cute workout clothes and they are always Lululemon! 

Granted, I'm also going to have to save like $10 for each pound I lose to afford one of these tanks...but whatever..

This is where we stopped coming up with ideas.  I mean, we're totally going to both lose 20lbs so the rewards must go on.  This also means that the rewards must become more impressive for the larger goals.  Anyone have any good suggestions???

Besides WW, I've found my other new tool that's going to help me
It's the Nike Training app on my new iPhone!  I tried the Ab Burner workout this morning and those might have been the longest 15 minutes of my life...I'm also either WWWWAAAYYY out of shape or it also worked my legs too because walking was more difficult than I anticipated when I was done.  About an hour later I thought "wow, my stomach feels kinda gross..I wonder why?" and then went "oh, wait, that's what it feels like when your abs are tired..nevermind"

All in all, by the time bikini season comes around, I'm going to have burned abs, a busted butt, ripped shoulders, and a defined back, and sculpted legs.  I'm also going to assume having a busted butt is better than it sounds.

Wish me luck! and feel free to send money or other goods as rewards!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Awesomeness

I was thinking today might not be such an awesome day.  I woke up just slightly cranky.  Nothing major.  Just the sort of waking up where you think "my pillow sucked last night".  Anyway, I was aware of the potential for a cranky day.  HOWEVER, I've been totally snapped out of it by a handful of things...
1) My 80 year old library boyfriend, Dave, started my work day with a couple questions that were fairly silly and included needing to find out how long he could buy a 5lb bag of peanuts at Menards for $4.98.  For those of you who are interested--Sunday.  You're welcome.
2) I actually declared myself an expert on Iowa to another patron today. 
3) I've found another new favorite website with which to purchase
They have so many stupid great things I might just blow all the money I have...probably not, but I'd like to.
Behold my favorites:  The boombox above is actually an "Urban picnic basket".  Remember how I said I wanted to go on a picnic???  ummm..exactly..
JMT37HD430981 130

SK CARVECARD1Yup, you carve anything you want onto the front of these postcards...
WILD WILD WEST UMBRELLAS  Ok, I can't even begin to explain how much I love this's nonstop vintage stuff that is so RIDICULOUSLY cute I can't contain myself.  I'm ready to start throwing children's birthday parties just so I can use the sock monkey birthday banner along with the birthday sock monkey tie on tails!  you could wear a silly birthday hat OOOOOOORRRRRR you could tie on a sock monkey there really a question??? I think not...oh, and nevermind the adorable red pretend Weber grill that a sweet little child could play on while dad (or mom) is grilling...I'm half ready to tie on an apron right this very second.

Definitions Vinyl Words & Wall Quotes #12
This is from one of those wall quote thingamajigs which I've always kindof liked but never really seen myself using...until I want this one and I want it to be in my library.  My future awesome home library where there is a fireplace, a giant comfy chair, a wine/martini bar, a giant bathtub, and a ladder that rolls around the walls. 

I believe this is enough for out, I may become inspired again!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big Love

For those of you who didn't know, I grew up in the town of Pelican Rapids, Minnesota.  Pelican Rapids just happens to be the proud owners of the World's Largest Pelican

Minnesota also happens to be the home of a number of the "World's Largest" things.  Otters, dragonflies, cherries on a spoon...the list goes on...what I didn't realize is that it may not be normal for a state to house so many world record holding large animals and objects? 

I just happened to stumble upon a blog by a couple that have made it their goal to visit as many "large" things as they can.  They also happen to live in Minnesota which makes it a tad bit more interesting to me as I've actually visited most of these giant things.  They do however include "large" things outside of Minnesota...

Seriously, this blog is so random but it's super entertaining....Minnesota might be the coolest state ever...

The Pelican Rapids entry:

The Big Stuff Project:

Young House Love Love

Seriously, I love this couple..

Happy Birthday Grandma Gwen!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So Many Good Ideas...

and more than likely, so little follow-thru...

But I'm gonna try!!

I've decided to start making lists of things that I'd (randomly) really like to do in the next couple months.  I may do these things by myself..but hopefully I'll find people who are willing to goof around with me..

1) Dye some Easter Eggs..I'm talking pretty eggs...ala Martha Stewart

2) Go on a Chicago History Museum pub crawl.  They have them about once a month and the one in May is Wizard of Oz themed.  It's probably going to be awesome.\
3)Lose 20lbs.  Yup, I grossly underestimated my current weight.  I've joined Weight Watchers again. I'm going to be ready for bikini season if it kills me.  Which it hopefully won't as that would defeat the purpose.  No one wants to be buried in a bikini. It's just wrong. 
I'm aiming to be lounging at the HP pool in this:

or something equally cute.  Let's be honest, if I've lost 20lbs, I'll probably be hot in anything...
4)Get my bike in working condition so I can bike with Andy, give Midge some serious exercise, and have an excuse to use a cute bicycle basket.
5) Become a bit more crafty.  Nothing major, just find something to keep myself occupied..besides reading..
6) Have a picnic...
7) and a cocktail party
8) Successfully start a book club! First meeting is officially scheduled for May 3rd. Now I just have to cross my fingers that someone actually shows up...
9) Prove that Midge can be well behaved 99% of the time...the fact that she destroyed an entire loaf of bread 2 days ago (Andy, please forget that you read that. it's a secret) is going to be yet a distant memory in 2 months...
10) Seriously spice up my social life.  This is going to take a bit of work as everyone I know that has a "spicy" social life, lives in the city. I've yet to figure out how to make this work. Until I do, I'm going to beg Pharon to move closer via Skype dates.

I think this is a good starting point...10 things to do...please feel free to join me...especially if it means moving Pharon closer cause minus #9, I'm pretty sure she'd be a FOR SURE partner in crime in all of these things...The egg dying might be a little bit iffy but I'll sweeten up the pot by saying I'll provide the Egg Dying Champagne.

Done and done.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Things I Love...

Seriously, has me losing my mind.  I cannot stop obsessing over them and how I could also be doing cool stuff to a house I do not yet own.  My living room and kitchen are one "big" combined area in my apartment that I've been ok with the look of but have never really loved.  *granted, I don't love my apartment in general so I don't know if loving this space is possible*  I decided yesterday afternoon to rearrange the living room area to try and make the spaces a little bit more separate.  I won't bother really explaining what I did as you'd have to see the before and after to really get it, but the bottom line is, I like it a lot more now!  I managed to make a space that actually looks like it could be used for entertaining!  4-6 people could actually sit and converse in a reasonable way! Without it feeling like 2-4 of those people were trying to watch tv around the remaining 2!  So that's nice...Maybe I'll use my new-found entertaining room to host my first book club...hmm...
Anyway, I also managed to hang up the antique horse hooks I found while roadtripping back from Steamboat with Andy.  They look pretty awesome if I do say so myself.  I'll try and take a picture to post soon.  The next thing on my abode-to-do list is get a duvet cover so my bed doesn't constantly look as though a pack of wild dogs has been sleeping on it.  I started browsing West Elm ( today and found what I think could be a winner!
Organic Flower Market Duvet + Shams

I have nice brown sheets that I think would look perfect wtih the dandelions and this yellow strikes me as the sort that would be good in summer, fall, and winter.  Dear West Elm, please don't get rid of all of your Queen sizes of this duvet cover before my tax refund arrives in 8-12 days.  Love, Madeline

While on West Elm, I also discovered the stemware that I'll be drooling over for the next undetermined amount of days.
Etched Glassware

ok, so I've noticed 2 things since I started writing this post...1) I really can't wait to have nice stuff that makes my every day life prettier...2) I seriously need a more interesting social life.  I'm dying to have a nice cocktail party where people drink out of nice wine glasses and sit and stare at each other...

I'm so lame..

p.s. I'd totally have these too
Dog Rectangle Dessert Plate

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brewery Tour

While on our Colorado roadtrip, Andy and I (with a little nudge from Adam) decided to include a brewery tour of sorts.  On our trip from Wisconsin to Colorado, we stopped at 3 different breweries.  This number would have been more impressive but we stopped at at least 3 that no longer existed...Thanks Adam for that too...Bottom line is, I think there is something to be said for a leisurely roadtrip and middle of nowhere brews!  I highly recommend all 3 of these lovely establishments!

*This was probably the most well thought out..the best looking building, the most interesting swag, and some fantastic beer.  I chose the Lemon Grass Ale as my favorite.

*Definitely the best location..This would be a great place to spend a daytrip as there are a shocking amount of winerys in the vicinity as well...not to mention all the gift shops etc...hmm..and antiques now that I think about it...I'm definitely going back...Plus, you can buy liter bottles of their beer...not too shabby

*Absolutely the WORST looking place...this looked like a 3rd shift hangout..the swag was not impressive either..However, I will hands down vote this the BEST beer!  I have been dreaming about their Jalapeno Ale since the moment I tasted it...I'm even debating trying to brew my own beer just to try and replicate I wish they would send me a nice case of growlers every month...sigh...oh, and their peach ale made both Andy and I wish it was there's a refreshing beer...I might actually be drooling on my keyboard...clearly, these people know what's important...screw the swag, give me some Jalapeno Ale!