Monday, March 14, 2011

Weight Watching...

The watched pot never boils = the watched weight never disappears? I'm back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon..and while I feel like I've restricted the sorts of food that I've put in my body over the last week (HELLO?!?! I didn't eat the 5 bagels that I wanted to eat!), I didn't lose a pound this week.  It could have been that even though I ate fairly well, I made some mistakes like turns out, 4 shots of tequila is like 20 points.  Two potato skins are 20 points.  Double UUUUGGGGHHHHH...

Anyway, I've decided that while "becoming skinny" is a great overall goal, I really need something tangible to work towards...a reward, if you will...My mother and I are WW buddies so we decided to do the rewards together.  Here's what we came up with so far:

5 lbs:
When one of us hits the 5lb mark, the other one will send a treat in the mail with a worth of about $5.
I'm probably going to find something super cute and clever to send.  I'd start coming up with ideas now but we don't want to ruin the surprise!

This is where the rewards get more interesting.  I keep seeing these women at the gym wearing really cute workout clothes and they are always Lululemon! 

Granted, I'm also going to have to save like $10 for each pound I lose to afford one of these tanks...but whatever..

This is where we stopped coming up with ideas.  I mean, we're totally going to both lose 20lbs so the rewards must go on.  This also means that the rewards must become more impressive for the larger goals.  Anyone have any good suggestions???

Besides WW, I've found my other new tool that's going to help me
It's the Nike Training app on my new iPhone!  I tried the Ab Burner workout this morning and those might have been the longest 15 minutes of my life...I'm also either WWWWAAAYYY out of shape or it also worked my legs too because walking was more difficult than I anticipated when I was done.  About an hour later I thought "wow, my stomach feels kinda gross..I wonder why?" and then went "oh, wait, that's what it feels like when your abs are tired..nevermind"

All in all, by the time bikini season comes around, I'm going to have burned abs, a busted butt, ripped shoulders, and a defined back, and sculpted legs.  I'm also going to assume having a busted butt is better than it sounds.

Wish me luck! and feel free to send money or other goods as rewards!

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