Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Awesomeness

I was thinking today might not be such an awesome day.  I woke up just slightly cranky.  Nothing major.  Just the sort of waking up where you think "my pillow sucked last night".  Anyway, I was aware of the potential for a cranky day.  HOWEVER, I've been totally snapped out of it by a handful of things...
1) My 80 year old library boyfriend, Dave, started my work day with a couple questions that were fairly silly and included needing to find out how long he could buy a 5lb bag of peanuts at Menards for $4.98.  For those of you who are interested--Sunday.  You're welcome.
2) I actually declared myself an expert on Iowa to another patron today. 
3) I've found another new favorite website with which to purchase
They have so many stupid great things I might just blow all the money I have...probably not, but I'd like to.
Behold my favorites:  The boombox above is actually an "Urban picnic basket".  Remember how I said I wanted to go on a picnic???  ummm..exactly..
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SK CARVECARD1Yup, you carve anything you want onto the front of these postcards...
WILD WILD WEST UMBRELLAS  Ok, I can't even begin to explain how much I love this's nonstop vintage stuff that is so RIDICULOUSLY cute I can't contain myself.  I'm ready to start throwing children's birthday parties just so I can use the sock monkey birthday banner along with the birthday sock monkey tie on tails!  you could wear a silly birthday hat OOOOOOORRRRRR you could tie on a sock monkey there really a question??? I think not...oh, and nevermind the adorable red pretend Weber grill that a sweet little child could play on while dad (or mom) is grilling...I'm half ready to tie on an apron right this very second.

Definitions Vinyl Words & Wall Quotes #12
This is from one of those wall quote thingamajigs which I've always kindof liked but never really seen myself using...until I want this one and I want it to be in my library.  My future awesome home library where there is a fireplace, a giant comfy chair, a wine/martini bar, a giant bathtub, and a ladder that rolls around the walls. 

I believe this is enough for out, I may become inspired again!

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