Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lettercult Is Right!

I wandered across this blog while working on a project for the library and I'm seriously LOVING it!  There is seriously something to be said for a cool typeface...I have dreams of stealing one of these to personalize everything I have. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that's totally not alright with these awesome artists.  In the meantime, I'm going to stalk this page and drool over their sweet posts!

Pretty much awesome..

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trump Unable To Produce Certificate Proving He's Not A Festering Pile Of Shit

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Be Someone Else

I'm not really sure how to explain's an advertising campaign from a Lithuanian company for a bookstore...I think it's amazing...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Weekend

Just made me think of the good friends I spent time with this weekend...Thanks

The Library is a Dog's Best Friend?

Yale University's Law Library recently ran a three day pilot program that allowed students to "check out" Monty the dog. 

Students were allowed to spend 30 minute sessiosn with Monty in a room at the library.  During this time, they were able to play, cuddle, and just relax.  Students reported feeling reduced stress and increased relaxation. 

Personally, I was a little nervous at the idea initially when I was assuming college students were able to take the dog out of the library and bring him home or to the park or something...I'm pretty excited about this idea when I realize how it really goes's genius! 

Check out a couple additional articles about this:
Yale Daily News

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Just got the Tiffany Style book into the library...It's gorgeous..

So lovely...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Comics

The genius of Lynda Barry...from her new book Picture This

Good Friday Happy Place?

This is what comes up when you google "Jesus Happy"

I might go to heck for this one..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lipstick On A Pig

Former Sarah Palin aide Frank Bailey has landed a deal with Simon & Schuster’s Howard Books. His memoir, Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin, will be released on May 24th.
Bailey became close to former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin during her gubernatorial campaign; he remained in her inner circle  during John McCain‘s presidential race. He co-wrote the memoir along with author Ken Morris and Mudflats blogger Jeanne Devon. On her site, Devon revealed that the three writers spent two years on this project.
Bailey had this statement in the press release: “I write because I am convinced that Sarah’s priorities and personality are not only ill-suited to head a political party or occupy national office, but would lead to a disaster of, well, biblical proportions.”

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Make Lemonade(cake)!

I just saw this linked to Martha Stewart and thought it was such a cute idea! I don't generally really like lemon stuff but this is just such a great idea that I may give it a try sometime...

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Reading Rainbow

It dawns on me that this whole "Reckless Reading" blog hasn't been quite filled with the sort of reading you may have been expecting.  I attribute that largely to the lack of time I've spent reading for leisure lately.  The majority of what I have been reading these days has been for work.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining!  I've just been not very interested in talking about what I've read lately. Until now!

The Girls by Lori Lansens

I've had this on my bookshelf for what seems like decades.  I've picked it up numerous times and simply never gotten around to reading it.  I took it off the shelf a couple weeks ago and decided it was now or never.  I'm glad I did! 

Rose and Ruby Darlen are twin sisters conjoined at the head.  They are approaching their 29th birthday and will officially be the oldest living craniopagus twins.  Rose is the largest of the two and has carried Ruby on her hip for their entire life.  She has shared her mobility with Ruby so they manage to each have a somewhat independent life.  They both work part time jobs and enjoy different hobbies.  They have managed to live a conjoined life and respect each others individuality at the same time.

The story revolves around the fact that they have been informed that they could die at any time due to an aneurysm in Rose's brain.  This has compelled Rose to write the story of their life in the hopes that fragments of their history will come together and so that they may be remembered respectfully.  Ruby has joined in this writing but only in the most forced of ways and is writing only about their current existence.

The books is written with the chapters rotating between the sisters.  While this is often a confusing style of narration, it's quite easy to follow in The Girls.  Rose and Ruby have very clear voices and garner sympathy in different ways from the reader.  Lansens shows frustration and affection in realistic ways without being overly dramatic.  I really feel she does a wonderful job of giving each sister their own voice without making them unbelievable.  Lansens manages to show their unique intimacy without making the reader feel like they're art of a circus sideshow.  The book has a much more in depth story that I haven't even begun to explain but just trust me when I say it's engaging and intelligent.

The Lost City of Z by David Grann

This book is my library book discussion book for this month.  I chose it a couple months ago and I have to lead a discussion on it on the 21st.  I've heard a lot of great things about it so I was looking forward to the adventure.

The story is about explorer Percy Fawcett and his determination to find an ancient Amazonian civilization he calls "Z".  His explorations begin at the beginning of the 1900's when the Amazon is largely unexplored and impassable.  No one has been able to make their way through the jungles without being overcome by sickness, insects, starvation, or violent tribes.  Fawcett, on the other hand, manages to make a number of attempts into the wilderness without falling sick and by making friends with natives.  His exploration style is described as unrelenting and obsessive but he is able to make progress in the Amazon that is unparalleled by his peers.

Over the course of the first 25 years of the 1900's, Fawcett struggles with financing both personal and professional.  He struggles to find people to back his explorations and his family lives on the edge of poverty.  When he is able to get enough funding to go back into the jungle, he is gone for years at a time and his wife is left to fend for herself and their children.  While one would expect her to be incredibly bitter and lonely, she is nothing short of her husband's biggest supporter.  She goes out of her way to spread the news of his triumphs and promote him as the world's best explorer.  Fawcett continues his explorations until 1925 when he, his son, Jack, and Jack's friend Raleigh, go into the Amazon and are never heard from again.  Many adventure seekers have attempted to find them since and none have been successful.  In fact, many have never returned.

I will admit, I found it difficult to immediately get into the story as there is a decent amount of bouncing around and side information.  However, once the story starts rolling, it's difficult to put down.  I found myself consistently comparing Percy Fawcett with Chris McCandless (the focus of the book Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer).  Both men walked into a wilderness that is notoriously dangerous and neither walked out.  Both had confidence that carried them through precarious situations and both may have perished due to that same confidence.  I've always had the belief that McCandless was never equipped to take on the natural challenges that he did.  That he perished because of his lack of knowledge.  I think the same argument can be made about Fawcett.  I'm not sure if I agree, but it's certainly possible.  I also wonder what makes Fawcett's wife, Nina, promote him like she does?  She was living in poverty, alone, for the majority of her adult life because he wanted adventure.  How do you continue that way? 

I don't know, my feelings are undetermined.  I'm certainly looking forward to the discussion on Thursday night. I also highly recommend The Lost City of Z.

So there's the breakdown of what I've read lately!  Pick them up! Let me know what you think!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Like Watching A Car Wreck...

This is just so bad and yet so awesome at the same time...Someone put together a website of pictures of women with Steve Buscemi's eyes photoshopped in.  I kind of want to buy this guy a beer.

Sarah Palin with Steve Buscemeyes.
Thanks to so many for the suggestion.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brain..Check Check...Hello?

It's official.  My brain is shot today.  I've spent the past 2 days furiously scrambling to spend the remaining budget money at the library.  Not because we just have a plethora of money but because I was unaware that all the books I purchased with said money needed to be in the library by the end of the month.  I had been spending away on books coming out in May and now I'm out of ideas.  It's really hard to find things to buy when you've ALREADY PURCHASED EVERYTHING!

So that being said, my brain is no longer function at a reasonable level.  Which means this post is going to be pure id.  Let's begin.

What would I like right now?
 Bora Bora...but I'd take any tropical climate

 Pizza..probably just loads of cheese

Steak and an extra dirty bleu cheese stuffed olive martini...omg...

and ya know, while I'm at it...why not look like one of these people?

I know it's weird to look like a cartoon mermaid but whatever..

Oh, and I also want some of these..

The End-all-be-all Bathroom for little moi?

Yup, fireplace, bathtub, and a television...cue angels singing

Ok, this post is getting out of control....someone just pass me a donut

Monday, April 11, 2011


Good Times Government

I don't spend much time perusing government websites (actually, that's a semi-lie...I do it much more often than I like for work...but not for fun!).  This FBI site may just change that...They've digitized about 2,000 documents that include office memos on "flying saucers", the "ganster era", and organized crime.  There is some seriously interesting reading in here.  I highly recommend poking around to see what interests you!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hello Weekend!

Can I even begin to explain how happy I am that it's Friday?  I'm so happy that even when I forgot to put my coffee cup under the dispenser and brewed coffee all over my counter, my response was "Oh, that was silly! Now it's like my counter is drinking coffee!" This is opposed to the usual response of "SONOFAB*TCH!! STUPID COFFEE!"  Not that I've ever done that before..but you get the point.  It helps that for whatever reason, this week has been pretty quiet at the library so I'm able to ease into the day with few bumps. 

Part of me really wishes that I had nothing planned for this weekend but I have to admit, I do have some pretty cool stuff lined up. 

Friday Night

The David Grisman Quintet at the Old Town School of Folk Music

I've been told that this guy is the master of Bluegrass...I've been told that if you enjoy musicianship, you'll be amazed...I'll admit, I'm a little nervous.  For some reason, I picture sitting in a music recital hall with my hands on my lap quietly watching.  Similar to a high school music concert except with much better music.  Personally, when I generally (if ever) picture myself enjoying some bluegrass music, the setting tends to include a sunny day, a lot of grass, and some dancing hippies.  Yup. That's the ticket!

But I'm keeping an open mind! I'm practicing my toe tapping and hoping maybe some people dance.  I'm crossing my fingers for a glass of wine.  Above all, I'm coming up with alternate career possibilities for this David Grisman and his Santa looks..not as Santa, that would be too obvious.

Oh, and add a check to the "plus" column for the fact that it's a double date with Joey and Alice.  Whoohoo!

Saturday Night

Glimpse Chicago! A Pop-Up Restaurant

I'm super excited about this one!  Glimpse is a pop-up restaurant opening up in Logan Square for all of 4 days.  There were limited seats available and you had to set up reservations through Twitter.  Basically, you followed them, they followed you back, and then you could direct message them in regards to reservations.  We scored a table for 6 and I can't wait!  I don't quite understand how it works as I know it's all 5 courses and $10 per person per course but does this mean that everyone has to agree on a dish?  It says it's served family style...I mean, I know I want the trout for my first dish but what if other people want the whitefish??  I know Andy doesn't like raisins! What if that keeps me from foie "brown butter" goodness?!?!  Let's be clear, it's going to be awesome regardless.  I just tend to get a bit nervous when I can't picture how things will work. 

Oh, and did you notice the drink tasting menu that is paired with each course?  I'm pretty sure that you should ALWAYS have the pairing menu if given the opportunity.  It's always awesome and always a better choice than I would have made. 

Again, another double date with Joey and Alice! Technically, it's a triple date but I'm not familiar with the other couple...Yeah to new friends!

Sunday Morning

2nd year in a row! Ok, I'll be honest, I have mixed feelings on this one.  Half of me is nervous because I will running this one solo (with like 35,000 other people. Ha!) and my shin splints still hurt.  The other half of me is excited because this run is ridiculously fun!  Besides BofA, Nike is hugely involved in this race.  This means that not only will I get a swell Shamrock Shuffle themed Nike Dri-Fit shirt, they have a ton of other merchandise available and they play good music at each mile marker. 

The whole race is run downtown Chicago and is one of the few times that the city is shut down to allow thousands of runners to pound the streets.  It's really an incredible way to view the city and admire sites from a new angle.  Plus, because they pushed the date back about a month (it's usually right around St. Pattys..hence the name) it's going to be significantly warmer.  They are expecting temps of around 80 on Sunday!  Granted, it'll probably be around 60 in the morning when it's going on but that's a lot better than the 40 degrees that I had last year. Not to mention, they give you free beer when you're done.  If that isn't a reason to make it to the finish line, I don't know what is!

Overall, I've got a weekend packed with a wide variety of activities and great people. I don't even feel the need to cross my fingers for a good time :) 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why Didn't I Think Of This?!?!

Ummmm...I'm pretty sure this is genius...and such a silly simple idea, I can't believe everyone doesn't already have these!  Just one more thing that I have no reason to implement as I don't have my own laundry room...
Check out the rest of the good DIY ideas:
Ana White

Shamrock Shuffle

This is my mantra for the Shamrock Shuffle this weekend....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mr. Livingston I Presume?

I started the book The Lost City of Z by David Grann today. 

I've only gotten about 30 pages into it so far so I'll reserve my initial thoughts until I've given it a fair shot.  However, I did read the story about the orgination of the line "Mr. Livingstone I presume?" and found myself immediately familiar with the line but in no way familiar with why I knew it??  I sat for a second and then realized it came from a solid childhood source.