Saturday, October 29, 2011

True Blood Halloween

My beginning inspiration...

Until I was told that the blood tears were too scary for the library....

So I've modified my plan and ended up with this...

I love my costume this year.....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

That's My Line!

Hello, I love you Art Print // 8 x 10
I TOTALLY SAY THAT!  (ok, so maybe I haven't said it lately..but I used to say it ALL THE TIME)

via Wicked Paper Co.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Worst Personal Ad Ever

(also a lousy ad)

I enjoy reading the personal ads in the New York Review of Books (it's pretty much the only thing I enjoy in the NYRB).  I generally find them entertaining in their lack of modesty while proclaiming themselves the most modest person alive.  However, the current issue contains a personal ad that I find so incredibly depressing that I'm trying to fight off the urge to email this woman myself just to tell her that she's officially labeled herself as the most pathetic, sad woman ever.

"LA. Formerly pretty, formerly slender 69 years retired woman, out of shape, overweight, never married, terrified of commitment, blue eyed, grey and brown haired independent woman seeks independent man.  I'd ask for fit and handsome but let's be real. Must have sense of humor, read a lot, passionate about eating, napping, my sweet doggie, and a low energy lifestyle."

WOW.  Who doesn't want to date that??  She's pretty much outlined why she hates herself and why any reasonable person might also.  But it's cool.  She's got her dog to keep her company.

Dear lady,
While you may have lost your figure and looks, you probably have SOME redeeming qualities.  Perhaps you are a fabulous cook? Enjoy discussing literature? Love a cozy evening in? Maybe you have such a free spirit that no one has been able to tame you?! I don't know! Those are the sorts of ways that you explain your lack of interest in moving off the couch and eating a gallon of rocky road each night!  Not by giving the world the mental picture of your poor Pomeranian being force fed cheetos while you watch Golden Girls reruns!
Please consider resubmitting when you stop hating yourself.
A now sad reader

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Seen on the Scene

In my weekend of lounging, my mom and I stumbled upon one of the best documentaries I've seen in a LONG time.  Bill Cunningham New York follows 80 year old Bill Cunningham as he rides his bike through the streets of NYC, attends 10+ gala events a week, and lives in a tiny office in the Carnegie Hall Studios.  He does all of this to capture the "street" fashion of New York city.  Not only does he catch trends before they break, he documents the most fabulously dressed of society.  The fashion he captures is featured in On the Street each week in the New York Times.  Bill is on his 29th bicycle, only photographs with film (digital be damned), has a makeshift cot for a bed, and rarely eats more than once a day.  Did I mention he's 80???  If you've seen The September Issue (or even if you haven't), you MUST watch Bill Cunningham New York.  It's a fascinating story of fashion and doing what you love for decades.  Find it at your library or it's available on Netflix Instant View!

NYT Bill Cunningham On the Street

NYT Bill Cunningham On the Street Video

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Skol Vikings

We might not be able to win squat this year but at least we don't have this guy as our QB

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Mani Cure!

I've noticed a lot of super pretty nail polishes on Pinterest lately and its been making me want to get a manicure every other day.  Which I haven't.  Because I'm just a poor little librarian.  However, I just had a patron comment on my (totally chipped should have been removed 2 days ago) polish job.  I used some Pinterest inspiration and painted my nails a nice fall red and did a french mani tip with silver glitter.  Fun.  However, she then told me that her obsession is nail polish blogs.  NAIL POLISH BLOGS?!?!  Whhhhhahaaaaaa??  I didn't know such a thing existed?  There are people who do entire blogs about pretty new nail polishes and the different brands.  I don't know why I'm shocked and excited about this but I am.  I'm also probably going to "like" Zoya on FB because they seem to have all my favorite new polish colors and  the woman who just opened the doors to nail polish Eden told me they have major sales and occasionally have really good giveaways.

My apologies to any of my male readers.

A giant "YOU'RE WELCOME" to the women in blog land.

Check out this blog Short 'n Chic

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Iowa City's Newest Superhero


I seriously have no words.

Sexy Librarians

Men of The Stacks.  It's a calendar.  With the exception of the picture above, it's not particularly sexy but it's definitely funny.

"Josiah is one part Grendel, one part philosopher, one part giddy school girl.  His body is a laboratory, not a temple.  He takes a lot of late-night walks.  He collects sound recordings of everyday things.  He is overly trusting.  He believes there is no art higher than friendship.
Raised in North Carolina, Josiah received a B.A. in Psychology and his M.L.S. from the School of Information and Library Science at beautiful UNC-Chapel Hill.  He is currently the Public Services manager at the Mohammed VI Library of Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco.  No dogs were harmed during his photoshoot."

Pretty much sums up the majority of male librarians I know.  Although, I think someone should have gotten ahold of Russ from the Evanston Public Library (if he's still there...) I know of a number of people who wouldn't mind seeing him in this calendar....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lazy Day Planning

Being as the end of the year is coming (somehow I feel like fall is flying by), I had to schedule my personal days off at the library so I didn't lose them.  I had 3 days to use and being as I'm not able to schedule them around holidays, I decided to plan completely random days off.  The first one will be October 21st.  Andy will be out of town on a manly mountain biking trip and I decided it would be the perfect day to do nothing but girl stuff.  All alone with my pups and the couch.  What does this have to do with the picture above?  Nothing except I saw that and immediately thought "I hope this is exactly what it's like outside that day".  I would love nothing more than to get up, listen to the rain in bed while I drink a cup of coffee and read, maybe take a lazy bath, and then watch girly movies all day.  I'll probably order junk food, drink wine, and stare at Pinterest too.

What's that you say?  You'd like to join me?  Sorry.  This is a 1 person party.  I'm more than happy to do other silly things the rest of the weekend but the 21st is all mine. It's gonna be awesome.