Monday, October 24, 2011

Seen on the Scene

In my weekend of lounging, my mom and I stumbled upon one of the best documentaries I've seen in a LONG time.  Bill Cunningham New York follows 80 year old Bill Cunningham as he rides his bike through the streets of NYC, attends 10+ gala events a week, and lives in a tiny office in the Carnegie Hall Studios.  He does all of this to capture the "street" fashion of New York city.  Not only does he catch trends before they break, he documents the most fabulously dressed of society.  The fashion he captures is featured in On the Street each week in the New York Times.  Bill is on his 29th bicycle, only photographs with film (digital be damned), has a makeshift cot for a bed, and rarely eats more than once a day.  Did I mention he's 80???  If you've seen The September Issue (or even if you haven't), you MUST watch Bill Cunningham New York.  It's a fascinating story of fashion and doing what you love for decades.  Find it at your library or it's available on Netflix Instant View!

NYT Bill Cunningham On the Street

NYT Bill Cunningham On the Street Video

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