Thursday, March 29, 2012

Classic Book #2

My goal for 2012 is to read not only 50 books (which was the goal I achieved for 2011) but to also have 10 of those books be classics.  I've never been a big reader of classics so I find myself totally out of the loop when people start talking Jane Austen or Grapes of Wrath.  Of Mice and Men and Lolita are 2 of my top 5 favorite books of all time but it's not enough.  I kick started this goal by reading Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell in January.  In case you didn't know, I've become a bit obsessed with all things GWTW now.  It was fabulous and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.  Don't be scared by the giant page count! It's totally worth it.

Since I finished Gone with the Wind, I've been a big hesitant to start another classic.  I wasn't sure what to choose, nothing seemed interesting, I didn't want another 1000 page book, and compared to Scarlett, everything seemed so dense.  I decided to just go with the first book that came to mind that I've had a weird desire to read and never have.  I distinctly remember picking this up in ELEMENTARY school (maybe 5th grade?) for some reason and making it through about 3 pages before putting it back on the library shelf.  side note- way to push your reading boundaries, young Madeline...  I haven't picked it up since..until now

My classic book #2!  I officially started it last night and I'm already a little hooked.  To be honest, I read the first 2 pages yesterday morning and thought "ugh, this is hard and boring already" but was convinced by my co-worker, Melissa, to give it a couple pages.  She promised me that I would be sucked in and love it.  I trust her so I gave it a shot! I'm only about 20 pages in but I wish I was reading it right now....

Anyone else have any reading goals for the year?  Anyone ADORE Wuthering Heights? Anyone HATE it?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Way To Lose An Hour

Feeling like you don't have enough ways to waste an hour or more of your day? Simply can't find enough to look at online? Or you just kinda like snarky websites that talk about entertainment, fashion, books, puppies, etc?

Check out The Frisky

Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm Pretty Sure I'd Choose To Be Drunk


Say you were involved in an accident that could have potentially harmed another person.  At this point, if you decided that instead of checking to make sure the other person was ok, you decided to run away from the scene of the accident, would it EVER occur to you to claim you were STONE COLD SOBER??  

Then again, you might not also try to adopt your girlfriend to hide you money....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You Got Kindle I Got Spines

These awesome b*tches just combined my love of reading AND Jay-Z! I didn't even think it was mind is officially blown

My aunt, Kitty, is the coolest for sharing this with me!

Stayin' Alive

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Indian Princess Is Getting Married

To my best girl Pharon

and the super cute couple.....


p.s. Pharon, I guess that Geo kid is a good guy to know! Hardy har har...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dr. Dentist Coroner?

I recently watched "Post Mortem- Death investigation in America" which was a PBS Frontline documentary about the system of coroners and medical examiners in the United States.  It was shocking.  The lack of medical experience and ineptitude that is prevalent in the system will floor you.  I was under the impression that the people elected to be the county coroner were doctors or had SOME sort of medical experience.  This is often NOT the case and in some places, one of the only requirements is a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA!

After spotting a "Vote for so and so for Coroner" sign in Highland Park yesterday, I was compelled to see what the qualifications were of the candidates running for this office.  I'm more than a little shocked.  Out of the 4 candidates, 1 is a board certified pathologist (the only qualified candidate as far as I'm concerned), 2 had no experience that was even remotely medical but had previous experience in law enforcement/coroners office, and 1 was a dentist.

A flipping dentist.  Seriously.

Granted, the Lake County system is set up that the coroner is not performing any autopsies.  Autopsies are contracted out to a pathologists from an outside company.  I am not saying that the candidates don't seem like smart men and don't have valid arguments for why they should be the coroner.  They are and they do.  But the bottom line, is that personally, I'd like someone with surgical and pathology experience.  Even if they never touch an instrument.  It just seems like they are better qualified to even have a discussion with the 3rd party pathologists and make a competent decision.  Oh, based on the dentists declaration that he'd focus on "death prevention" by talking to high schoolers about suicide, drinking and texting, etc, I'd still much rather a medical doctor was having those conversations.  C'mon people.

Take a peek into who is in charge of your county coroner's office.  I wonder what their background is...and if you have Netflix Instant, check out the special from's fascinating

Candidates for Coroner in Lake County

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm The MotherFlippin'

It's a gorgeous day outside and it's making me almost giddy.  So when I was reminded of this Flight of the Concords classic, it was all I could do not to get up and dance.

In fact, I'm totally breaking out the snap dance this weekend....Cause Bret and Jemaine have sweet moves

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just Another Jon Hamm Stalkathon


In case you didn't know, Jon Hamm is on the cover of Esquire magazine this month.  Which meant that I had to check it out.  Which in turn led me to this awesome bit of Jon Hamm love

Emotions with Jon Hamm

Seriously, genius...

No You Don't Have Narcolepsy

Sometimes my 83 year old library boyfriend, Dave, just makes my day....

Dave: Hello! I've missed you baby!
Me: Thanks, Dave.  What can I help you with tonight?
Dave: I'm going to a sleep center tomorrow and I'm filling out their survey.  I sleep just fine but sometimes I'm still real tired during the day. My doctor thinks maybe it has to do with snoring or something....Anyway, there's a question on here 'Do you or anyone in your family have a history of narcolepsy?' What's that? What's narcolepsy?
Me: (I give him the definition and explain that it's kinda like when you spontaneously fall asleep and can't control it) So, you probably don't have that...otherwise I think you'd know...
Dave: Oooohhhh nooooooo....I don't have that...but I don't know...I mean, sometimes when I'm in my easy chair, I can't help it....

No, Dave, I'm pretty sure you aren't narcoleptic....and I'm also pretty sure that your sleepiness during the day might be due to the fact that you're 83 years old...and because you're calling everyone you see on television to give them your thoughts on their acting/journalism skills/opinions/wardrobe/political views/etc....

Oh Dave...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bring Me A Ducky!

I love the idea of baths.  There is nothing better than a giant bathtub with a bunch of bubbles.  The only issue is, the tub holding said baths is usually really sub-par...Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy a bath but being 5'10" means that they aren't always the most cozy, relaxing experience.  Which is why I fell in love with Alegna's wooden bathtubs....they are probably the most gorgeous, inviting looking bathtubs I've ever seen...


They are probably a bazillion dollars so I'll probably never be getting one...but a girl can dream..

I'll leave you with this image to drive your own daydreams..

Yes, please.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wanna Be A Balla Shot Calla!

Thinking of moving to Highland Park?  Got a bit of pocket change you feel like layin down?

I've got the place for you!

Michael Jordan's Highland Park home for sale

Also, tidbit of info--this house is less than a mile away from me (.9 miles to be exact)...just another reason you should buy it