Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Mani Cure!

I've noticed a lot of super pretty nail polishes on Pinterest lately and its been making me want to get a manicure every other day.  Which I haven't.  Because I'm just a poor little librarian.  However, I just had a patron comment on my (totally chipped should have been removed 2 days ago) polish job.  I used some Pinterest inspiration and painted my nails a nice fall red and did a french mani tip with silver glitter.  Fun.  However, she then told me that her obsession is nail polish blogs.  NAIL POLISH BLOGS?!?!  Whhhhhahaaaaaa??  I didn't know such a thing existed?  There are people who do entire blogs about pretty new nail polishes and the different brands.  I don't know why I'm shocked and excited about this but I am.  I'm also probably going to "like" Zoya on FB because they seem to have all my favorite new polish colors and  the woman who just opened the doors to nail polish Eden told me they have major sales and occasionally have really good giveaways.

My apologies to any of my male readers.

A giant "YOU'RE WELCOME" to the women in blog land.

Check out this blog Short 'n Chic

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