Friday, April 8, 2011

Hello Weekend!

Can I even begin to explain how happy I am that it's Friday?  I'm so happy that even when I forgot to put my coffee cup under the dispenser and brewed coffee all over my counter, my response was "Oh, that was silly! Now it's like my counter is drinking coffee!" This is opposed to the usual response of "SONOFAB*TCH!! STUPID COFFEE!"  Not that I've ever done that before..but you get the point.  It helps that for whatever reason, this week has been pretty quiet at the library so I'm able to ease into the day with few bumps. 

Part of me really wishes that I had nothing planned for this weekend but I have to admit, I do have some pretty cool stuff lined up. 

Friday Night

The David Grisman Quintet at the Old Town School of Folk Music

I've been told that this guy is the master of Bluegrass...I've been told that if you enjoy musicianship, you'll be amazed...I'll admit, I'm a little nervous.  For some reason, I picture sitting in a music recital hall with my hands on my lap quietly watching.  Similar to a high school music concert except with much better music.  Personally, when I generally (if ever) picture myself enjoying some bluegrass music, the setting tends to include a sunny day, a lot of grass, and some dancing hippies.  Yup. That's the ticket!

But I'm keeping an open mind! I'm practicing my toe tapping and hoping maybe some people dance.  I'm crossing my fingers for a glass of wine.  Above all, I'm coming up with alternate career possibilities for this David Grisman and his Santa looks..not as Santa, that would be too obvious.

Oh, and add a check to the "plus" column for the fact that it's a double date with Joey and Alice.  Whoohoo!

Saturday Night

Glimpse Chicago! A Pop-Up Restaurant

I'm super excited about this one!  Glimpse is a pop-up restaurant opening up in Logan Square for all of 4 days.  There were limited seats available and you had to set up reservations through Twitter.  Basically, you followed them, they followed you back, and then you could direct message them in regards to reservations.  We scored a table for 6 and I can't wait!  I don't quite understand how it works as I know it's all 5 courses and $10 per person per course but does this mean that everyone has to agree on a dish?  It says it's served family style...I mean, I know I want the trout for my first dish but what if other people want the whitefish??  I know Andy doesn't like raisins! What if that keeps me from foie "brown butter" goodness?!?!  Let's be clear, it's going to be awesome regardless.  I just tend to get a bit nervous when I can't picture how things will work. 

Oh, and did you notice the drink tasting menu that is paired with each course?  I'm pretty sure that you should ALWAYS have the pairing menu if given the opportunity.  It's always awesome and always a better choice than I would have made. 

Again, another double date with Joey and Alice! Technically, it's a triple date but I'm not familiar with the other couple...Yeah to new friends!

Sunday Morning

2nd year in a row! Ok, I'll be honest, I have mixed feelings on this one.  Half of me is nervous because I will running this one solo (with like 35,000 other people. Ha!) and my shin splints still hurt.  The other half of me is excited because this run is ridiculously fun!  Besides BofA, Nike is hugely involved in this race.  This means that not only will I get a swell Shamrock Shuffle themed Nike Dri-Fit shirt, they have a ton of other merchandise available and they play good music at each mile marker. 

The whole race is run downtown Chicago and is one of the few times that the city is shut down to allow thousands of runners to pound the streets.  It's really an incredible way to view the city and admire sites from a new angle.  Plus, because they pushed the date back about a month (it's usually right around St. Pattys..hence the name) it's going to be significantly warmer.  They are expecting temps of around 80 on Sunday!  Granted, it'll probably be around 60 in the morning when it's going on but that's a lot better than the 40 degrees that I had last year. Not to mention, they give you free beer when you're done.  If that isn't a reason to make it to the finish line, I don't know what is!

Overall, I've got a weekend packed with a wide variety of activities and great people. I don't even feel the need to cross my fingers for a good time :) 

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