Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brewery Tour

While on our Colorado roadtrip, Andy and I (with a little nudge from Adam) decided to include a brewery tour of sorts.  On our trip from Wisconsin to Colorado, we stopped at 3 different breweries.  This number would have been more impressive but we stopped at at least 3 that no longer existed...Thanks Adam for that too...Bottom line is, I think there is something to be said for a leisurely roadtrip and middle of nowhere brews!  I highly recommend all 3 of these lovely establishments!


*This was probably the most well thought out..the best looking building, the most interesting swag, and some fantastic beer.  I chose the Lemon Grass Ale as my favorite.


*Definitely the best location..This would be a great place to spend a daytrip as there are a shocking amount of winerys in the vicinity as well...not to mention all the gift shops etc...hmm..and antiques now that I think about it...I'm definitely going back...Plus, you can buy liter bottles of their beer...not too shabby


*Absolutely the WORST looking place...this looked like a 3rd shift hangout..the swag was not impressive either..However, I will hands down vote this the BEST beer!  I have been dreaming about their Jalapeno Ale since the moment I tasted it...I'm even debating trying to brew my own beer just to try and replicate theirs..how I wish they would send me a nice case of growlers every month...sigh...oh, and their peach ale made both Andy and I wish it was summer..now there's a refreshing beer...I might actually be drooling on my keyboard...clearly, these people know what's important...screw the swag, give me some Jalapeno Ale!

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