Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Things I Love...

Seriously, http://www.younghouselove.com/ has me losing my mind.  I cannot stop obsessing over them and how I could also be doing cool stuff to a house I do not yet own.  My living room and kitchen are one "big" combined area in my apartment that I've been ok with the look of but have never really loved.  *granted, I don't love my apartment in general so I don't know if loving this space is possible*  I decided yesterday afternoon to rearrange the living room area to try and make the spaces a little bit more separate.  I won't bother really explaining what I did as you'd have to see the before and after to really get it, but the bottom line is, I like it a lot more now!  I managed to make a space that actually looks like it could be used for entertaining!  4-6 people could actually sit and converse in a reasonable way! Without it feeling like 2-4 of those people were trying to watch tv around the remaining 2!  So that's nice...Maybe I'll use my new-found entertaining room to host my first book club...hmm...
Anyway, I also managed to hang up the antique horse hooks I found while roadtripping back from Steamboat with Andy.  They look pretty awesome if I do say so myself.  I'll try and take a picture to post soon.  The next thing on my abode-to-do list is get a duvet cover so my bed doesn't constantly look as though a pack of wild dogs has been sleeping on it.  I started browsing West Elm (http://www.westelm.com/) today and found what I think could be a winner!
Organic Flower Market Duvet + Shams

I have nice brown sheets that I think would look perfect wtih the dandelions and this yellow strikes me as the sort that would be good in summer, fall, and winter.  Dear West Elm, please don't get rid of all of your Queen sizes of this duvet cover before my tax refund arrives in 8-12 days.  Love, Madeline

While on West Elm, I also discovered the stemware that I'll be drooling over for the next undetermined amount of days.
Etched Glassware

ok, so I've noticed 2 things since I started writing this post...1) I really can't wait to have nice stuff that makes my every day life prettier...2) I seriously need a more interesting social life.  I'm dying to have a nice cocktail party where people drink out of nice wine glasses and sit and stare at each other...

I'm so lame..

p.s. I'd totally have these too
Dog Rectangle Dessert Plate

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