Saturday, April 2, 2011

Patron Censorship

Occasionally, patrons attempt their own forms of censorship by defacing or hiding books of which they don't approve.  Someone seems to have a problem with Al Gore, as his books were recently all missing (they've since been replaced).  A couple months ago, I found an oversized book that a drawn pair of breasts ripped out.  We've also found books on abortion shoved behind other books so as not to be found.  It's interesting.  And also makes me want to put all these books on display.  Which I'm pretty sure I wouldn't really be allowed to do....but maybe I'll ask...

I found the newest act of patron censorship today!  In an attempt to find poetry cds for my National Poetry Month display, I found that someone had shoved a large graphic novel up on a top shelf and pushed it all the way to the back so as not to be seen.  Luckily, I'm just tall enough that I noticed it's red cover...

The offending book?
Jimbo in Purgatory by Gary Panter

I'm guessing someone was offended by the butt cheeks...or maybe her ample bosom...Maybe just simply because they don't appreciate the retelling of Dante's Inferno??  Personally, the only thing I find offensive is it's gold foil cover art (the actual book is not neon's gold...fancy fancy gold) and maybe that the drawings on the inside hurt my eyes. 

All I know is that today I just wish I could talk to the person who hid this and say "Seriously?? You might as well have left it on the shelf because no one's checking out those graphic novels anyway.  Next time go hide the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cause that thing is racy AND popular!" 

Sheesh people...

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