Monday, May 9, 2011

The Gossip Chair Gets New Life!!

My Martha Solien attempts didn't go as well as I was hoping this weekend with the exception of one project--The gossip chair! 

Let's have a brief glimpse of how the gossip chair looked when I first got it..

Ahhh...the lovely gossip chair in all of its 80's floral glory..

As you can imagine, I wasn't diggin it.  But, after a little bit of work with a flat head screwdriver I was able to take the first step in prettying this baby up!  I simply had to unscrew the cushion from the chair and pop out the staples holding the fabric on.  The whole process probably took 15 minutes.  After which I had this:

The vinyl green seat cover underneath is original to the chair and was in pretty good shape.  It was better looking than the 80's floral but it still had to go. 
Saturday morning, my mother and I went to Joanne's Fabric and started hunting.  We tossed around a lot of ideas but ultimately found one fabric that was perfect.  I tried to put it down and walk away but kept returning thinking "This fabric is a little wild..and it may not match other things in the future..but it's just so pretty!"  So $12.50 later, I had a long strip of fabric to cover my gossip chair!

I'm glad I had brought the seat with me to Madison because I definitely felt more comfortable with the extra set of hands holding the fabric tight.  So while mom held the fabric in place, I started stapling!  This went pretty well for the first couple minutes until two things happened. 
#1- I managed to somehow staple the Tiffany taxi cab charm OFF my bracelet (no idea what happened there..all I know is it suddenly went flying off my bracelet)
#2- We ran out of staples. 

Project halted.

Gossip chair take 2.

Sunday afternoon, after a nice leisurely Mother's Day breakfast, Mom and I went back to Home Depot and got some more staples.  We started back up with the project and we got this:

TA DA!!!!  It was covered and looked perfect!  I couldn't wait to see it back on the chair so within minutes of walking back into my Highland Park apartment I got to work.

Ladies and Gentleman!  Please feast your eyes on my new and improved gossip chair!!

It looks awesome! And now I can say I've actually FINISHED a project!  whoohoooooo!!!!!

What happened to the project of turning vintage books into clutches you ask?  Well, we'll leave that for the next post....

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