Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ummm...Hell to the No JCrew

Dear JCrew,
I'm a longstanding supporter of your work.  I consistently answer the question "what do you want for xmas/birthday/fun" with the answer "anything from JCrew".  Until now.  I will now be answering that question "anything from JCrew except those god-awful biased fly jeans"  I'm pretty sure that whoever approved those jeans as a design concept, was clearly on crack, meth, acid, or asleep.  I'm considering actually sending a strongly worded letter or just assuming your mother has already reprimanded you.  Be grateful that I'm fairly lazy and I'll leave it up to your mother at this point.  But be forewarned, if you ever do something this foolish (and garish) again, I'll get my writing utensils out!

Yours in good faith,
p.s. I'm not sure exactly what that sign off meant but I feel it's appropriate.

Nili Lotan® bias-fly jean
Nili Lotan® striped bias-fly jean


Pharon Square said...

These are seriously the worst things I've ever seen from J.Crew. I stood up for them during the whole "pink nail polish on boys" fiasco, and THIS is how they thank me?

Looks like a reject from the first contestant to be booted of Project Runway.

Stop trying to make these happen, J.Crew.

Madeline Solien said...

They look like what happens when your pajama bottoms get all twisted around in the middle of the night. I don't appreciate that when it happens naturally, I certainly have no interest in wearing that look on PURPOSE.