Saturday, June 25, 2011

Love Today

Yippee to New York!

Can I say that I am all about open minds, open love, and the ability to live without judgement.  Do what you want to do and be nice to everyone else.  Really.  Honestly. 

But in the Highland Park hood, where every other car is a Jag/Mercedes/Bentley and the median home price is right around $400,000 (with a median income of about $200,000)...Is this really indicative of the same sex couples around here??

Really?  Beanie babies and plastic pink flamingos??  Really? 

Granted, I'm thrilled after 34 years together they were able to celebrate but there had to have been more fantastic pictures that don't make them seem like the cheesiest couple alive....In fact, I looked at the photo gallery, and there were a couple cute pictures! I'm not even mocking their choice in decorations!  If that's what they wanted, then great.  But let's not give people who don't already know and love them fodder for jokes.

Instead, feel free to make fun of how much I love Cher!

And, in the spirit of love and a fabulous weekend

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