Friday, July 29, 2011

Normally I Don't Do This

But after reading a number of articles about the debt crisis and some of the Republicans in government and I'm SO AGGRAVATED! I mean, seriously, the amount of comments about how Obama has put our country in this financial hole is RIDICULOUS!  Have the Republicans forgotten that there was a surplus when Bush got into office and HE lost it all?!?!?!  Republicans can't even agree within their own party and the Tea Party supporters are bullheaded idiots that have NO BUSINESS being in politics!  Obama certainly hasn't always made the choices that we've wanted him to but I at least give him credit for attempting to meet in the middle and move things along.  I don't think we'd be any further ahead if he had taken the hard line...

I found the following comment in the Chicago Tribune this morning and I think it's spot on...

Schmedrick McSchedrick at 8:51 AM July 29, 2011
Look at the countries with STERLING Triple A ratings: "Germany, Canada, France, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland are among those with the undisputed stamp of approval"---what does this tell you about those Socialist countries with National Health Care and small defense budgets, and liberal politicians--
Oh yeah, they can balance their books and pay theri debts.  When will the kooks on the right learn from what works instead of repeating what doesn't work.
While your at it, look at the life expectancy in those countries and the infant mortality rate, and the amount of vacation time each receives, and maternity/family leave benefits...yeah..the more liberal a country is, the better it does financially--huh, who would have thought...

Found in the comment section at the end of this article

An example of a no-good Tea Partier...Joe Walsh owes $117,00 in back child support for his 3 kids with his first wife..somehow he claims that they had previously reached an agreement for $10,000.  Seriously?  $10,000 for 3 kids for 8 years??  You think that covers the expenses for 3 kids in the 8 years you didn't bother paying????????  And he has the gall to criticize anyone about their fiscal responsibility?

Ok, now that I've said what I needed to say....Let's get on with a wonderful weekend!

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Kelly said...

Yeah!! The Tea Party are just a bunch of old, rich white people who don't want to pay taxes. They piss me off too. It takes all the restraint I have not to write snotty anti-tea party messages on my Facebook because I am such a wuss.