Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is It Time For Vacation Yet?

Beyond the fact that I asked my boss "What it's about?" when asking about the book she's reading..I know I'm ready for vacation when the following exchange makes me want to slap myself:

Patron: Do you have anything by Sade (pronounced Say-dee)? S-A-D-E
Me: Do you mean Sade (pronounced Shar-day)
Patron: Oooooh! Maybe that's it?
Me: Sure, we definitely have some of her cds
Patron: Great! Is she in rap?
Me: Um, no. She's definitely not a rapper.

It took a decent amount of restraint not to look at him and say "If you're expecting Sade to be rap music, you are going to be HUGELY disappointed". 

That and the phone call from the woman who thinks she lost her silver dollar coin (of great sentimental value given to her by her mother years and years and years ago) by computer #12:
Me: I'm sorry ma'am, I just looked around all the computers and checked with lost and found to see if it was there and it's not here.
Woman: Is there someone sitting at that computer now?
Me: Yes.  But I made sure to look very closely.
Woman: Is the person young or old?
Me: I don't think that's relevant and I can't tell you that.

Which made me wonder to myself if she would have accused a young person of stealing the coin if they had found it? Oh, and by the way lady, I keep my valuables at home.  Not in a random bag that I drag all over creation.


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