Friday, November 18, 2011

Politics At It's Finest

The Cocktail Party

I read an article today featuring what might be the best political party idea I've ever heard of.  The Cocktail Party promotes conversation between people and the exchange of ideas which we are greatly lacking in today's political exchanges.  The idea is that the act of enjoying a relaxing cocktail at the end of the day with another adult, encourages slow conversation comprised of breaks (sipping your drink) which allow for others to speak their minds.  People spend the cocktail hour unwinding from the day's stresses and enjoying the company of others.  This is not a time for argument or work.  This is the time where we should be enjoying the leisure of life and appreciating the finer things such as a great martini.  The Cocktail Party doesn't obviously promote any particular political stances (although they do seem to follow more liberal people on Twitter--including Barack Obama).  I highly suggest you check them out and remember to that a conversation is to be enjoyed, not an opportunity for argument.

I'll take that martini now.  Bombay Sapphire, extra dirty, blue cheese stuffed olives.  Thanks.

The Cocktail Party
The Cocktail Party Philosophy

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