Tuesday, December 6, 2011

$5 Is The Perfect Monetary Amount

$5 can buy you lunch at Taco Bell, it can put just enough gas in your car to get you to work, it can buy you and a date a cup o'joe at Dunkin Donuts (so sorry your date ended so soon after realizing you took her to Dunkin Donuts)...it's pretty much the best bill.

Turns out, it's also the perfect amount of money to pay someone to do basically anything you could possibly imagine.  Need an outgoing voicemail message that sounds like Woody the Woodpecker?  No problem.  Want to get personalized love notes from a fake girlfriend for a week? Sure thing.  Need someone to write a sonnet for class for you? Can do.

Fiverr.com is a marketplace where people offer up all of the ridiculous (legal, I'm assuming) things they are willing to do for $5.  It's amazing.  I found one with a guy willing to paint a message/logo of your choice on his beergut and send you a picture.  Another person offered to send you a picture of their cat holding a sign saying "Merry Christmas".  Someone else is offering to send 3 anonymous letters with a postmark of Sacramento to whoever you want!  That's awesome!

I am seriously trying to come up with random things to do for $5.  Here's what I've come up with so far:
-I will send you a video of Midge making her gremlin sounds
-I will send you a card with a very inspiring message
-I will put your picture on my blog

So that's about all I've got....
But at least it's better than this chick..

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