Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My New Book Challenge

I've officially completed my 2011 challenge to read 50 books.  I'm actually in the middle of 54 right now and hoping that I can actually pull off 55 for the year.  It's gonna be a squeeze but I have the 24-28th off so I'm feeling good about it.

With that being said, I started thinking about what my reading challenge would be for 2012.  I thought about bumping the number up a little bit and then thought, maybe it should be quality over quantity?  I'm not going to try to do something crazy like read the Bible or The Odyssey or anything ridiculous like that.  What I am going to do is challenge myself to not only read 50 books but to make 10 of them classics.  I've never been much of a classics reader.  I'm not the girl who's read all the Jane's.  I'm also not the Oprah fan that followed her into Faulknerland. Though I did buy the Oprah themed 3 box set thinking I would be all over it. Then I realized I didn't know what the eff he was saying. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov are too of my top five books so I'm not totally out of my element.

All of this made me realize that I might not be the only person who needs a reading challenge for the upcoming year.  Or even just a good idea for reading over the holidays.  To help you out, I've compiled a number of lists for you! Enjoy!

Top 100 Novels

Top 100 NonFiction

Top 100 Sports Books

Top 100 Adventure Books

Top 100 Travel Books

Top 100 Beach Books

Top 100 Science Fiction/Fantasy Books

Top 100 Killer Thrillers

Top 100 Manly Books

Top 100 Books By Women (this was the closest I could get to the women's version of the manly book list)

And just in case you need lists of other stuff....

Top Worst Books

Top 100 Songs of 2011

Books Read by Rory Gilmore on the Gilmore Girls

Time's Random Lists of Things Like the Top Sweatiest Movies etc.

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