Monday, February 13, 2012

You Are What You Eat

Being as I'm trying to consistently eat a bit healthier, I'm always interested in new food sites.  While I've always liked the recipes on Weight Watchers, my friend Joey suggested I check out for some new ideas.  I love it!

This easy to navigate blog includes a ton of different recipes (with their Points value for those of us trying to follow WW) and great pictures as well.  I was impressed by the variety of foods in general but being as I'm going to attempt to be vegetarian for a month, I wasn't too impressed with her vegetarian options.  Maybe I didn't dig far enough into the site (I went about 5 pages into the vegetarian options) but most of what I saw was desserts or side dishes.  Kind of disappointing.  For vegetarian options I'll probably stick more to Hungry Girl (whom I also LOVE LOVE LOVE) but I'll be looking forward to March 14th when I can bring back the meaty options!

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Pharon Square said...

This has been a fave of mine for quite sometime. She's AWESOME. The chocolate chip cookies are delish, the mushroom/chicken dinner is great, I made the sauteed brussels sprouts tonight, and any sauce or dip she posts is AWESOME. Have fun with her recipes, they are always winners!!