Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm Prepared To Be Good Lookin'

I may be getting a bit ahead of myself...but I reached my January goal of losing 10lbs yesterday (yes, I know, it took much longer than it was supposed to) and I'm determined to lose another 10lbs in the next 2 months.  By "determined" I mean, I'm hoping this is like a ball rolling down a hill and I'm going to magically pick up speed and only take 2 months to lose it instead of 4.9999999 months.

This needs to happen because this girl is heading to PUNTA CANA (!!!!!!) in a little over 2 months! Not only would I like to look super hot in a bikini, I'd also like to give myself a bit of a cushion for the massive amount of eating and drinking I plan on doing at our all-inclusive resort.

As a pat on the back for hitting goal numero uno and as a nudge to keep going, I purchased this sweet little number for myself...if it doesn't scream "Hey, I'm resort chic in a looking like I tried but not too hard kinda way" than I don't know what does....

Racerback Dress with Baha Stripes
James Perse Racerback Dress with Baha Stripes
via HauteLook

Try not to be too jealous and I'll try not to jump up and down squealing...

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Donna Heggie said...

Squeal all you want, you deserve it!!!