Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No, You Don't Have To Take Your Shoes Off

Ricotta-and-Fontina-Stuffed Shells with Fennel and Radicchio

I'm getting ready to host my first real adult dinner party this weekend.  I mean, I've definitely hosted bbq's and parties with lots of appetizers but never a sit down fancy dinner.  I'm a little bit nervous that I'm going to screw something up or just be too much of a ball of cooking stress...I mean, the key rule of dinner parties is that you're supposed to have most everything done by the time people get there right? and have drinks ready so you're just like handing people drinks at the door?  I'm pretty sure I'm required to put people's coats on the bed too...  I don't know..I think I heard something along those lines..I probably need a butler...I haven't even started to think about my playlist..luckily, my awesome friend Peter has a website called The Mixcast that has AMAZING music mixes for FREE! So I'm pretty sure I'll be relying on him to set the mood..

But what I DO know, is that I'll be making the most amazing stuffed shells ever.  And I already feel fancy just  thinking about it.  I got the recipe from my favorite food mag, Food and Wine, and I've made them once before.

Ricotta and Fontina Stuffed Shells with Fennel and Raddichio

I also suggest using their "best ever marinara" recipe too. It's included in the recipe above.

Anyone have any good dinner party tips for me? Things like "Hey, Madeline, don't drink a bottle of wine before the guests get there" or "Maybe its ok if Andy doesn't wear white gloves when handing people drinks"?

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