Monday, March 18, 2013

Foodie Mind Blown

Little Goat. Stephanie Izard. Go there RIGHT NOW.

Andy and I went this weekend for lunch and had a fantastic time from start to finish.  I started things off with a kick ass Bloody Mary at their bar while we waited for our seats.  Which of course gave us plenty of time to peruse all of their merchandise featuring the cute goat image.  Spoiler: We definitely left with 2 coffee mugs, a travel mug, and a couple bags of coffee.  I could have easily purchased a couple shirts too.  After a little bit of a wait, we were seated at the luncheon-type counter facing the kitchen.  We drooled over every single item coming out of there until I suddenly realized that Stephanie Izard herself was cooking directly in front of us!

I don't know how many of you are Top Chef fans, but I am.  I LOVE Top Chef and Stephanie sits firmly in my top 5 chefs from the show.  Probably only being beaten out by Richard Blais.  But it's close. Real close. Like, she may have scooped him after this meal close.

Anyway, while trying not to stare too blatantly, we enjoyed fried pickle and onion rings (with a RIDICULOUSLY good curry mayo dipping sauce), a grilled cheese filled with tomatoes/smoked gouda/bacon/spinach amazingness, and a Spanish omelet that I can't even begin to remember what it entailed besides more awesome stuff.

Side note- the manager of this place is also really fantastic.  As it was the Saturday before St. Patty's, we were having a couple cocktails with our lunch.  Andy asked if they had Red Bull and the manager said "Nope. But I'm pretty sure I can make some appear." At which point, he literally sent someone to the store to buy a can of Red Bull.  He also stopped back to chat with us later about the music (which was a mix of hip hop and 80's) and also gave us his card if we wanted him to hold a table for us at any point in the future.  I don't know if he thought we warranted some sort of special treatment or if he just has a way of making everyone feel like they're ballers, but whatever the reason, I was impressed.

The cherry on top of this lunch was that we actually got to meet and have a conversation with Ms. Izard before we left.  Our waitress knew I was interested in just saying "hi' and she brought her over to talk to us.  Stephanie was really cool and talked to us for about 5 minutes.  My only regret is that I didn't think to ask her what she thought about this last Top Chef finale!

Seriously, if given the chance to pick a new place downtown to try out, go to Little Goat.  I'd go back tomorrow if I could.

Little Goat Menu

Little Goat

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