Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Maybe I Should Have Been A Hoarder

 There's such a fine line between "I wish I hadn't gotten rid of those fat pants" and "Man, those pants would be in style now"

I'm not saying that I'm going to start keeping all of the clothes that I no longer wear --my closet is much too small for that-- but I am really missing a couple things I got rid of years ago...

Specifically, a black leather backpack that I had in junior high and probably early high school...I don't remember when I got rid of it but I'm guessing it was sometime right around when I stopped listening to Smashing Pumpkins and Soundgarden....and I haven't really missed it in the last 20 years... (omg, i might have just had a stroke thinking about how it's been 20 years since my flannel and waffle henley wearing days)

But now backpacks are back and this one by Rebecca Minkoff is a dead ringer for the one I had back in the day

Now I just look at this and think longingly of the days I wore a killer Lemonheads t-shirt, an old pair of my dad's Levis rolled at the waist, and my first pair of Birks....

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