Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Clearly It's Lunch Time

There are a TON of Chicago restaurants that I've been meaning to hit up for the past 8 years.  Of course, not all of them are that convienent now that I don't live in the city.  Also, if you ask me where I'd like to go for a meal, chances are my mind will completely blank out and I won't be able to think of anything at all.  I think I need to start making a list of places I'd like to try. 

I'm gonna start with RL Restaurant.

It's right on Michigan Ave and I'm pretty sure this is the sort of place I'd like to go have an awesome lunch with a classy cocktail.  I'll probably stop in while shopping for the perfect pair of Chanel sunglasses. 

Seriously..I want to be this girl.  The girl who drops into RL and wears Chanel sunglasses. I'd probably wear a lot of dresses.

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