Friday, June 10, 2011

Decorating Crushes

I'm seriously antsy to decorate things.  Luckily for me, I've been given the ok to decorate a room at Andy's house.  Granted, I don't think this includes painting the walls or doing anything super major...but I'm pretty sure it means I can try moving the bed and adding things to the walls.  I'm starting to get ideas...

But in the meantime, I'm daydreaming about having a whole entire house to decorate and make AMA-ZING

I'm fairly certain that it would be a giant cluster of random right this second as there are a million different things I love..

The things I'm drooling over currently:

courtesy of
I heart the giant comfy chairs at the island...Also, the island counter is poured concrete (sigh)

IMG_0722 courtesy of
I have a weird desire to fashion something awesome out of an old door.  I've seen them really cheap at antique stores and I'm confident that I could make it into something cool.  Lately I picture it having a whole bunch of hooks and using it as a tie rack-ish thing..

vintage bedroom courtesy of

The wall is covered with book pages.  I'm not sure how that holds up but it certainly looks pretty.

Well, maybe I won't have any of these things really soon...maybe in the meantime I'll fantasize about having a duvet cover that isn't covered in dog hair (ahem, Nickels). 

On the agenda for the weekend: 
1) Wash duvet cover
2) Prime and paint side table
3) Spend gift certificates
4) Hit up a garage sale and/or antique store
5) Run North Shore 5k

We'll see how many of those things actually happen...

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