Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some People Are Idiots

That isn't the most profound thing I've ever said..but SERIOUSLY. 

The amount of people that speak publicly without having ANY sort of idea what they're talking about is amazing. 

This article is a perfect example : "Darkness Too Visible" by Meghan Cox Gurdon

This quote put me over the edge
"By f—ing gatekeepers (the letter-writing editor spelled it out), she meant those who think it's appropriate to guide what young people read. In the book trade, this is known as "banning." In the parenting trade, however, we call this "judgment" or "taste." It is a dereliction of duty not to make distinctions in every other aspect of a young person's life between more and less desirable options. Yet let a gatekeeper object to a book and the industry pulls up its petticoats and shrieks "censorship!"

Dear Ms. Gurdon,

That's the entire point of librarians you moron.  We provide the materials.  YOU decide what your child should or should not read.  YOU don't get to decide what other people's children are allowed to read.  Just because YOU don't like the F word doesn't meant that people who don't find it morally offensive have no "taste" or bad "judgement".  Clearly your lack of good judgement has led you to write a national column that shows your lack of knowledge of a HUGE variety of books that include vampires, mental illness, and confused teens without being graphic or salacious.  If you can't find anything, feel free to ask your local librarian for suggestions.  We're more than capable of finding teen novels that are appropriate for YOUR child. 

One of the thousands of people you've royally ticked off

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