Thursday, September 29, 2011

Zombie Madness!

Zombies, RUN! is a new running app for the iPhone and Android that allows the user to become part of a zombie world.  Basically, from what I understand, you start it at the beginning of your run and use it in addition to whatever playlist you want.  As you run further/longer (not sure which), you go deeper into the story and collect supplies to aid you and the city against the zombies.  There are voice overs that interrupt your playlist and give you updates to the story as you go.  Each challenge is 20-30 minutes and the first series is 30 challenges long. 

I totally want to try it!  Granted, I never run with my iPhone so i'd have to deal with that...but I think it looks like fun...anything to keep me entertained while running! 

Zombies, Run

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