Friday, September 30, 2011

Well Hello, October

I can't believe it's October already.  Or at least it will be tomorrow.  That means it's like fall for real!

I'm pretty sure I like fall all the way up until there is something to scrape off my car in the morning and I feel the need to wear gloves.

In the meantime, I'm going to pretend like it's still nice out and do some outdoor stuff this weekend!

I'll be running in the Embrace the Race 5k tomorrow morning in always lovely downtown Highland Park.  We're encouraged to wear pink and/or teal and silly things like boas and tutus...I didn't think about this in time and I'm pretty sure I have nothing interesting to wear.  Whoops.  Whatever, I'm just hoping they don't make me run the killer hill by the lake.  I've yet to make it up that hill without feeling like I was about to die.

We'll also be hitting up the Kane County Flea Market this weekend.  I'm super excited about this because I heard about the flea market 2 years ago and haven't been until now.  I heard about it when I was in Madison and saw some AMAZING red doors that had formerly belonged to a bar/restaurant but were currently leaning against the side of a building.  I immediately pictured them being used as a seriously cool headboard and asked the owner of the shop they were leaning against about them.  He told me that he was selling them for $100 but I had just been beaten to the punch and they were being held for an interior designer who bought them for a client.  I was disappointed but gave him my number in case the deal fell through.  It was then that he told me that he got them at the Kane County Flea Market and went there on a semi-regular basis to find treasures for his store.  I never heard from that store, therefore never getting my hands on those gorgeous red doors, but I tucked the flea market info into my brain.  I have high hopes for some kick ass finds!

Other than that, I'm crossing my fingers the Vikings don't look like grade-schoolers compared to the Chiefs on Sunday, hoping to read a lot of my book, and probably drinking my first beer in 3 weeks.  We'll see.

Happy (almost) October!


Donna Heggie said...

Good luck tomorrow sweetie! It doesn't matter whether you wear pink or teal or boas or are running for two great causes! I used to go to the Kane County Flea Market when I was attending good ol' NIU...we would solicit a ride (cuz no one had cars then) and would go on the weekends...Off to Madrid this Tuesday so will touch base with you when I return (Oct. 15)...and will bring you something "fabulous" (or at least interesting?). Love. Donna.

Madeline Solien said...

your good luck must have gotten to me cause I ran my best time! yippee! I hate to admit but we ended up going to Ikea instead of the flea market on Sunday...I swear I'll get there next year! I hope you have a wonderful time in Madrid!! Can't wait to hear about it when you get home!