Friday, May 18, 2012

WTF Glamour Shots??

I'll admit it, I wanted nothing more desperately than getting Glamour Shots when I was growing up.  If there are 2 things in the world I remember wanting, it's one of those little red Little Tikes cars

and my chance at supermodel superstardom via Glamour Shots.

Clearly my mother is a fun hater because I got neither one of these things.

Because I have no professionally taken Glamour Shots to prove that I would have RULED that camera, I'll take comfort in all these other ladies that probably scarred that camera for life.

Is this dominatrix GS??

Nothing like a well places boa...

Maybe the red hat on a red background wasn't such a great idea? I didn't realize your head was normal size until I had looked at this 4 times.  Oh, and I assume they refer to this as your "Joker pose"?

12 Ways to Achieve the Very Best Glamour Shot

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