Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stripes Are A Girl's Best Friend

My new fun fall dress! I'm wearing it at work today and I'm kind of in love with myself...I've got it paired with some brown strappy heels and I've gotten a number of compliments already! Target for $19.99

Follow up to the Buffalo Stuffed Chicken and Mango Chia Pudding recipes I posted the other day:

THEY WERE AMAZING!  The chicken was quicker to put together than the zucchini boats from Monday and it was delicious.  Both Andy and I want to add this dish to the rotating menu.  I also brought it for lunch today and it was just as good reheated a couple days later.  The Mango Chia Pudding was also super super super good.  Once I diced up my mango, it took all of 30 seconds to put together in a bowl and throw in the fridge over night.  The recipe ends up yielding about 1 cup per serving and it was one of the more filling breakfasts I've had in a long time.  I fully expect to pick up a couple more mangoes and make this in a big honkin' batch!

We've picked out our recipes to try next week and I'm going to restart my 15K training (my attempted start this week sucked) next week is looking good...

In the meantime, I've got plans to head out to Sycamore for lil Spaghetti's 1st birthday!  And to see Courtney and Jason's new house! Fun!

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