Thursday, July 25, 2013

Now This Is A Reality Show

I just stumbled across this blog/web experiment online and I've officially spent the last hour reading.  It's called 40 Days of Dating.  Jessica and Timothy are both single New Yorkers who have taken drastically different romantic roads.  Jessica is the serial monogomist and Timothy is the serial dater.  They've been friends for about 4 years and decided to do a 40 day dating project.  For 40 days, they'll date each other to try and break through their personal dating issues.  They might fall for each other, they might just be friends.

I'm fascinated by their dynamic and the way that they both have such moments of stupidity.  It's so easy to see other people's dating issues but I feel like you usually only see one side.  For example, I generally just hear my girlfriend's side of the dating story and rarely hear from the side of the guy they're dating.

40 Days of Dating

Personally, I hope they end up in love.

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