Friday, October 4, 2013

To Thine Own Self Be True

be yourself

Sissy Goodwin is a former cowboy, airplane mechanic professor who is most comfortable in a pretty pink skirt and a bow in his hair.  Yes, I said HIS. Sissy (also known as Larry) is a straight man with a loving wife of 45 years and 2 adult children.  Read Sissy Goodwin's story with the link below. His story of being true to himself is inspiring and heartfelt.

We should all be so lucky to be brave enough to be who our hearts tell us we are.

We should also be so lucky as to know someone like Sissy Goodwin.

Sissy, I can't imagine you'll ever see this, but I wish I could hug you and tell you that you're a hero to anyone who has felt bad wearing the wrong pair of jeans, not giving their true opinion because it was unpopular, or just feared making a change. Thank you

He's Tough Enough to be a Sissy in Wyoming

Be Yourself - Be Free !!

Be yourself!

Be Yourself

Always be yourself

I ask people who are "different", at what age they realized they were not like the others. It's a club you don't have to join. You are born to it and life's experiences reveal it to you everyday. You can view it as a blessing or a curse....your choice.


My House Saint! Words of wisdom love her!

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